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¡Qué Sabor!
San Antonio

Lotería&Art Collection

This version of lotería was created in the spirit of the historic games of "Mexican Bingo" and celebrates the food & culture of San Antonio.

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"The San Antonio UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy program and food photographer, Tracey Maurer, have collaborated to showcase San Antonio’s culinary and cultural heritage through a fun and interactive bilingual Lotería game, ¡Qué Sabor! San Antonio™."  - The City of San Antonio World Heritage Office

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© 2020 Tracey Maurer

¡Qué Sabor!San Antonio   

"Food brings people together and connects us to the world around us" - TM

Designed with San Antonio FOOD culture in mind,  this novel lotería art & art canvas series features deeply saturated and textured images of classic Mexican food icons. 

Photography and design by San Antonio, Texas based

food photographer, Tracey Maurer.

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© 2020 Tracey Maurer


¡Qué Sabor!San Antonio  Game & Art 

                                     Teachers ! 
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Percentage of sales are donated to support local food banks and non-profits